Breatheworks Workshop

WHEN: Aug 12, Aug 24, Sept 9, Sept 23, Oct 14, Nov 4 2018
TIME: 12 – 2 pm
PRICE: IDR150.000/Session

Breathwork is one of the most effective ways to release physical, psychological, emotional stress and tensions. It connects you back to your heart and guides you to your true essence.

Are you curious to explore your subsconscious and meet your hidden potential ?
Then Breathwork is giving you the opportunity to do so in a safe, gentle, and loving environment.

What is often holding us back is our subsconscious mind. Experiences and patterns that we may be completely blind to, even from way back in childhood, shape how we see the world and create defence mechanisms that are supposed to protect us, but can end up limiting us.

In this 2 hour breathwork workshop, we will be working with a strong intention, to call back lost parts of our vitality and wellbeing, using the breath as a vehicle for profound healing.

Benefits of breathwork can include :
– Recognition and integration of repressed emotions
– Release of negativity and conscious/unconscious patterns
– Insight, expanded awareness and spiritual growth
– Detoxification, restoration, balance, and oxygenation of the cells
– Clear and remove energy blockages
– Freedom from stress and anxiety
– Practice Presence

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