In-house Program

Majority of us these days exercising just for the sake of moving and sweating without knowledge of whether the posture we are doing is actually the correct one, alignment and form wise. If you are like us, starting to question, why nothing changed in my body scale or size wise while I work so hard every single session or class. Or why my back or knee hurts? The it’s time to try TLC (tone-lean-core) class!

We invented TLC for those people who want to have tone and lean body with strong core. In this class, we focus on alignment while doing it in low-medium heart rate zone. The right alignment is very important because then we know exactly which muscle we have to work on and the right posture for our body. TLC is for all level of practice, as in every class, our instructor will guide you according to your level of practice. And if you have injury, there will be modification or regression to be advised to you.

TLC comes from our love and passion to be fit, tone, lean while still be gentle to our body. The awareness and knowledge you gain during TLC class will be helping you to be more aware while doing other kind of exercise.

So, are you ready to exercise even smarter?
Let’s plank, twist, squat!